Become an ALINE Certified Expert

ALINE has broken the mold of insole design by creating an engineered suspension system for your feet! ALINE's revolutionary innovations are supercharging the careers of the world's best athletes and improving thousands of lives, at work and at play.

Our products combine the patented technologies developed by the ALINE team with the knowledge and experiences of thousands of people, from world class athletes to weekend sports enthusiasts, to people who spend long hours on their feet at work. We are proud to say we've created a technology that can help millions reach their maximum potential in sports and in life.

Our greatest success comes when enthusiastic professionals become ACE’s (ALINE Certified Experts), then incorporate ALINE insoles into their business. With over 97% user satisfaction, positive outcomes of improved alignment, balance, power transfer and comfort result.

A great product and an even greater opportunity

Based on data ALINE has collected a significant percentage of Americans demonstrate problems with foot, ankle, knee or hip alignment. The scale of ALINE’s ability to improve the condition of a community therefore goes way beyond foot pain issues! By incorporating ALINE’s patented fit/alignment process into an overall client evaluation an ACE has the opportunity to positively impact a large percent of his/her client base.

ALINE builds your relationship with existing clients and provides introductions to new clients by improving their biomechanical lives.

Synergy with your skills, and your business

Body alignment and foot suspension impact our everyday lives. Proper alignment and support of our entire musculoskeletal system begins at the feet; without alignment and support it is not possible to achieve maximum performance. With your skills and education you are uniquely qualified to advocate and teach the benefits of body alignment and foot suspension to others.

ALINE’s mission is to partner with professionals that see themselves as leaders in the health and athletic community; those that are driven to help others while aggressively growing a business along the way.

With ALINE, for no more than the cost of many certifications you are involved with a patented product that makes a difference in people’s health and performance. The ACE program is our premier way of offering ALINE’s to the public. As a ALINE Certified Expert you are provided an entire program that includes product, certification, fit system, exclusive marketing programs, and web referrals that make ALINEs a meaningful, clinical and financial contribution to your practice.

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