Barefoot in Golf - Here is a nice Testimonial

Golfer Matt Saternus reviews the ALINE Product with a bias towards Barefoot. It is nice to know he is seeing the exact same things we are. Way to go Matt! (Read his review here)

IMG Academy NFL Combine trainees use ALINE to maximize performance on the field

IMG Academy Former LSU safety Eric Reid gets his ALINE analysis from President and Founder, Derek Carroll Posted: February 04, 2013


Competing in sports at the highest level takes its toll on the human body, especially the knees, ankles and feet. Years of hammering, pivoting, and pressure frequently more

ALINE Saves the day at day two of X

Day two was another raging day and ALINE was in the right place with the goods to make everything good in the world of X.

Bob Burnquist suffered a bruised heel during the skateboard big air practice earlier in the week. His team at Medicine and Motion called upon Team ALINE to do what we do best. Gordon was there with custom sole protection which helped Burnquist take the gold medal in more

ALINE @ X Games Day 1 Recap

Road notes from Team ALINE: Thursday June 28th

The first full day with X Games officially underway was epic for Team ALINE (that’s an understatement).

We hit the jackpot when legends Tony Hawk and Chistian Hassoi stopped by our booth together. As co-founder and fit guru Gordon said “That is as rare as winning a 20 million dollar lottery.” They were more

ALINE at Summer X Games-ESPN Press Conference, Athletes and more!

Road notes from Team ALINE: Tuesday June 26th and Wedsnesday June 27th

X Games 18 is officially underway! ALINE is so impressed and thankful for everyone’s welcoming attitudes and cooperation.

It was a long and hot day for Team ALINE in Los Angeles but the tent stayed cool and we continued to ALINE and educate incredible amounts more

ALINE Gets a warm welcome at Summer X Games 18

Road notes from Team Aline: Monday June 25th 

So we’ve kicked off our trip to the Summer X Games 18, and so far, we’ve been sitting in Los Angeles traffic, skating Venice beach and running into Olympians and athletes alike all over the city as anticipation rises. 

Yesterday we started our first day of the games off by fitting three more

US Open features ALINE Athletes

The US Open starts today and is trademarked as "Golf's Toughest Game."

Here is a complete list of golfers on ALINE competing this year:

olin browne small

Olin Browne more

ALINE at Summer X Games 18

We are gearing up to jet off to Los Angeles for Summer X Games 18. Stay close to hear all our updates from the road and shout outs from your favorite action sport ALINE athletes. See you in LA! 

Here is a complete list of ALINE Athletes competing this year:


Skateboard Big Air- Men

Tips for dealing with those painful foot Bumps (Bunions)

Bunions! OK…it’s an ugly subject, but it doesn’t have to be painful one. You have a bump. No one wants a bunion, so let’s rename it. “The bump” is on your big toe joint, now what? Most bunion - sorry, bump pain comes from an external pressure on the joint, usually from footwear. Typical shoes and boots are designed for the straight foot and this straight shoe presses on the foot more

Mike Shea- One leg strong on ALINEs

Aline1 Mike Shea is an ALINE athlete who kicks ass with one leg. He is not a pirate, but he likes booty hunting. His treasure trove includes 2011 Winter X Games Adaptive SBX silver medal. Mikes future hopes are to make it to the 2014 Paralympic more

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