ALINE Systems Creates The World's Best Performance Insoles | What's Inside Counts

Once You Feel the Difference, You’ll Live the Difference

ALINE was founded in 2005 to improve lower body movement through revolutionary bio-mechanic technology. Unlike orthotics that lock your foot in place, our foot interface technology is engineered to enable your foot to move naturally, align your lower body and alleviate pressure on your feet, ankles and knee.

Athletes win on them; doctors recommend them; and our loyal customers rely on them because what’s inside your shoe counts. Insert ALINEs into any footwear and experience the difference in the way you move and the way you feel. Pretty soon, you won’t leave home without them.

How ALINE Technology Works

  • Technology

    ALINE’s patented technology revolutionizes foot equipment with our suspension zones, ribbed arches, and contour zones. All of the elements work together to align your body from the waist down in order to decrease harmful forces on the feet, knees, and ankles allowing for maximum performance.

  • Suspension

    Suspension zones allow natural foot motion for alignment, balance, and power.

  • Ribs

    Ribbed arch technology compresses under the foot to reduce impact force and keep you aligned and supported for balance during activity. When you slow down and apply less force, the ribs rebound to gently lower your foot for continued support and maintained alignment.

  • Guidance

    Contour zones guide and stabilize your foot for control and support though its natural path of motion, aligning you from the waist down.


Derek Carroll President

Seasoned business builder. Derek’s skills include taking new products from idea stage to successful, marketable technologies, leading to several IPO’s and acquisitions.

Keith Orr Development

Product development expert, and commercially rated pilot. Keith manages ALINE's technology and engineering. Keith's previous firms designed footwear for major brands like Reebok and others. He has designed and built complex medical devices for Johnson & Johnson, Mitek, and others, and has experience with large and complex military design programs.

Gordon Hay Inventor

Extreme skier and passionate outdoors-man. Gordon’s vision led to a multitude of patents and designs,in use by some of the world’s leading footwear companies.