There is perhaps no other single piece of sports equipment being used in competition by more elite and professional athletes, in more sports, than ALINE. Summer and winter, on roads and trails, sportspeople by the droves are discovering how to win the game (and stay in the game) with ALINE suspension insoles. Thousands of triathletes have switched to ALINE for the running and biking portions of their event.

How is it possible that the same product works as well for PGA pros hitting a PGA-distance drive as for Travis Rice winning X-Games gold in the snowboard big air competition, or the thousands of cyclists and runners who compete and win on ALINE?

To put it simply, your feet are dynamic, efficient structures that have evolved to adapt to anything the world (and sports) throws at them. What every athlete needs is a product that allows feet to move properly...and naturally. That product is lets you stay balanced, aligned and powerful in all sports, and at every angle your busy life throws at you.