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ALINE creates athletic equipment and technology to enhance the athlete's body performance and alignment. Our dynamic foot suspension and engineered design, optimizes your athletic potential.

Passion and Technology to Make You Move Better

We make products to help people.

  • Doctor Recommended

    "The results I have obtained with the ALINE insoles has been dramatic and profound." - Dr. Shawn Leatherman, Healthsource

  • Athlete Approved

    "ALINE helped me put my foot problems behind me and contributed to a great resurgence this summer. Thanks ALINE for helping me play my best golf of the year!" - Ken Duke, PGA Tour Winner

  • Join the Movement

    "I wear a pair every day. I know they help me keep standing with good posture as I treat my patients throughout the day." - Andrew Harrah, PT

  • Our Philosophy

    Foot suspension and energy timing technology works with your body. Engineered ribs and zones direct energy where you need it when you need it.

  • Socially Conscious

    We work with the Wounded Warriors Project and have donated thousands of pairs to our United States active military.

  • Training & Support

    We are committed to educating our providers and customer. Information and classes can be found at

"I call it, "The Anti-Orthotic!"ALINE has become the single most utilized support device in my office, generated numerous monthly referrals, and changed the way I evaluate my patients" - Dr. Shawn Leatherman, Healthsource
"These ALINE's are absolutely amazing, you can really feel such a difference!" - D.J. Trahan, PGA Tour Winner
"I've been wearing these for about 5 years now, I am never not wearing them whether it is in my walking shoes or cruising around town. They keep me aligned and I don't wear any shoes without them its as simple as that." - Andy Macdonald, 8 Times X Games Gold Medalist
"ALINE helped me put my foot problems behind me, and contributed to a great resurgence this summer. Thanks ALINE for helping me play my best golf of the year!!" - Ken Duke, PGA Tour Winner
"ALINE's have saved me, I've been wearing them for about 7 years now throughout all the X Games and the 2014 Sochi Games I never ride without them in my boots!" - Jamie Anderson, Olympic Gold Medalist