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ALINEs are the world’s most advanced performance insoles; providing alignment, comfort and balance. Our patented technology was engineered so you can feel and perform at your best.

What’s Inside Counts: Experience the Power of ALINEs

Passion and Technology to Make You Move Better

We make products to help people.

  • Doctor Recommended

    "The results I have obtained with the ALINE insoles has been dramatic and profound." - Dr. Shawn Leatherman, Healthsource

  • Athlete Approved

    "ALINE helped me put my foot problems behind me and contributed to a great resurgence this summer. Thanks ALINE for helping me play my best golf of the year!" - Ken Duke, PGA Tour Winner

  • Join the Movement

    "I wear a pair every day. I know they help me keep standing with good posture as I treat my patients throughout the day." - Andrew Harrah, PT

  • Our Philosophy

    Foot suspension and energy timing technology works with your body. Engineered ribs and zones direct energy where you need it when you need it.

  • Socially Conscious

    We work with the Wounded Warriors Project and have donated thousands of pairs to our United States active military.

  • Training & Support

    We are committed to educating our providers and customer. Information and classes can be found at

"I call it, "The Anti-Orthotic!"ALINE has become the single most utilized support device in my office, generated numerous monthly referrals, and changed the way I evaluate my patients" - Dr. Shawn Leatherman, Healthsource
"These ALINE's are absolutely amazing, you can really feel such a difference!" - D.J. Trahan, PGA Tour Winner
"I've been wearing these for about 5 years now, I am never not wearing them whether it is in my walking shoes or cruising around town. They keep me aligned and I don't wear any shoes without them its as simple as that." - Andy Macdonald, 8 Times X Games Gold Medalist
"ALINE helped me put my foot problems behind me, and contributed to a great resurgence this summer. Thanks ALINE for helping me play my best golf of the year!!" - Ken Duke, PGA Tour Winner
"ALINE's have saved me, I've been wearing them for about 7 years now throughout all the X Games and the 2014 Sochi Games I never ride without them in my boots!" - Jamie Anderson, Olympic Gold Medalist